Friday, June 28, 2013

Nová media, kolektivní paměť a skupinová identita

Collective memory is a concept that is usually associated with the past, on the other hand new media are considered to be innovative and future orientated. Although it may seem that these two phenomenons have not much in common, we can actually find a high level of interdependency between them. New media, together with mass media, represent the world around us, they are involved in the process of constructing and structuring social reality and are therefore one of the important sources of collective memory. The aim of this essay is to emphasise how the rise of new media changed some of the aspects of collective memory and its creation process as well as to suggest what this transformation can mean for social groups and their identity formation. To provide a theoretical grounding, the key but vaguely used term new media is going to be defined as well as the concept of collective memory.

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