Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The New Media of Violent Video Games: Yet Same Old Media Problems?

This topic my current falls also because the video game industry in recent years, growing and gaining influence and increasing his popularity with the public. Computers and gaming consoles are becoming more sophisticated and their hardware gains in performance, resulting in improving the quality and complexity of the games produced for these platforms. Every year there is numerous new game titles and invests in them still more money. In contrast, the film, which for many years maintained a privileged position in the field of entertainment industry, starting in comparison with video games and weaken them in gaining a strong competitor. Video game industry in recent years, even surpassing the film industry in sales, which shows how lucrative a business it is. This seminar thesis analyzes the impact of video games on society. The work is focused on the individual effects of both positive and negative. Playing video games is a phenomenon of the 21st century, but there is some evidence that it has an effect on our mind?

Zdrojový článek: Victor C. Strasburger and Ed Donnerstein
CLIN PEDIATR 2014 53: 721 originally published online 22 August 2013 DOI: 10.1177/0009922813500340 

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