Monday, July 30, 2012

Hudební byznys ovládají nové mediální technologie: analýza managementu skupiny Radiohead

This essay aims to approximate and describe the situation, that now exist in the field of music industry distribution with the help of new media technologies. The introduction is based and follows the article: Radiohead´s Managerial Creativity of Guy Morrow, which historically documents the first commercial efforts to distibute music on the Internet on the principle: „Download our album for free and send us as much money as you consider to be enough.“ This new marketing strategy is emerging more often in the music world, and it is becoming very popular for musicians nad their managers, because it spreads rapidly and it is more interactive experience for users than the rigid methods of music record companies.

Seznam použité literatury a zdrojů:

  • Adorno, T. On jazz, Discourse. 1989, 12(1), 45-69.

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