Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nepředvídatelné důsledky rekontextualizace šiřitelného obsahu: případová studie zveřejnění videa z kabiny klášterecké hokejové juniorky


This article analyzes the impact of spreadable media content on changing patterns of situated behaviours. Subject of the case study is a recorded speech act performed by hockey coach Michal Jäger. He intented to criticize the junior team's attitude and ethics in relation to their hockey performances, however, his performance was secretly recorded by one of the players (coincidentally by Jäger's son) and published on videoserver in order to mock the coach. After coach having resigned, news website released an article on the subject including the video itself. Medialization of the case not only accelerated spreading the video content, but also constituted critically oriented publics

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